5 Products That Every College Student Needs

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Getting through college can be tough(and exhausting), but have no fear! These 5 products will take your college experience to the next level without breaking the bank(Christmas is coming up soon anyway so maybe a family member can hook you up).

1. Bed Risers With Outlets/USB Ports

This is no joke! Not only are bed risers an absolute must for college so you can get that extra storage space, now you no longer have to sleep on the wrong side of the bed while breaking your neck just to get some juice into your phone. Currently, they’re only $31.98 on amazon and are rocking 3.5 stars.

2. Fujifilm Instax

Next up we have a Fujifilm Instax. If your parents saw you with one of these they might tell you all about the days of “Polaroid Cameras”, you can just ignore them though. Currently, Amazon has a ton of different bundles for this camera, depending on how many add ons you want for it. It looks like the starting price is around $45, which is a steal for some great photos that you can hang up on your wall!

3. Quick Drying Shower Sandals

Now I know half of you are probably living in a suite by now, but there are some that are still rocking that “shared bathroom, dorm life” which makes these quick-dry shower sandals an absolute must. Not only do they keep your feet from touching who knows what in the showers, but they dry super quick so you don’t have to worry about falling while you walk back to your room. You can pick them up now for less than $12! What a steal.

4. Sleep Mask

A Sleep Mask, you know the thing that old people wear on an airplane. Don’t worry though because this thing will work wonders! Not only does it prevent the sunlight from waking you up when the piece of s*#t blinds let the sun in, but this one comes with earplugs. So even if your roommate has an 8 am and you don’t have to be up until 12:30, you won’t hear or see a single thing.

5. Microwave Friendly Coffee Maker

Coffee. It energizes America the same way the energizer bunny gives power to the remote your dad uses every single day. It is literally impossible to survive college without coffee, but don’t worry we got you covered! Most of us don’t have time to wait 24 hours for a cold brew to finish steeping in the fridge. Which brings us to our 5th and final product, a coffee maker you can use in the microwave! The best part is, it is compatible with K-Cups, so all the flavors you love from Keurig, you can now have in a couple of minutes, all thanks to your microwave.

Save some money and share some of these products with your Roomie as well as the top 6 things to share with your roommate.

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