6 Things To Share With Your Roommate

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Let’s face it, college is EXPENSIVE. Even if your parents are paying for your tuition, or you have a grant, affording everything you need to live in a dorm or apartment can be difficult. Sharing things with your roommate is probably one of the easiest ways to save money in college. I wouldn’t really recommend doing this if you’re not close to your roommate though because it could lead to some stress or drama. If you are close with your roommate, here are 6 things you can share with them to save money!

1. Textbooks

Aside from tuition itself, the price of textbooks is so insane, it should be illegal. Especially if it’s a book you can only get through the university that is written by your professor. Sharing textbooks with your roommate is an easy way to save some money if you both have the same class. This may take some planning though since you both might need it at the same time. You could try sitting next to each other in class, or doing your homework together to avoid having to buy 2 copies of the same book.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Hand soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dish soap, vacuum cleaner the list goes on and on! Cleaning supplies are definitely something you want to share with your roommate if you can. Not only is it expensive but it takes a while to use it. Odds are you will only needs to buy some of these items once or twice a semester so try taking turns purchasing them to offset the cost since you both will be using them.

3. Mini Fridge

The mini fridge is probably one of the main college essential items. There really is no point to have 2 mini fridges and quite honestly, there isn’t room for 2 of them! Not to mention that if you are paying for electricity, having two is going to kill the bank. I would suggest either you both pay for half off of or one person pays for the mini fridge and the other gets the TV.

4. TV

I know you probably plan on being a great college student and studying a lot but honestly sometimes you just need to wind down and watch a little TV or play some video games. A TV is almost as essential as a mini fridge, or at least that’s how it feels. If your roommate bought the mini fridge, you should probably be the one to grab the TV. Who cares if it’s a cheap 32″ tv from Walmart, it’ll get the job done.

5. Netflix Account

Oh Netflix. Some might say you’re as essential as food, and water. With the price of Netflix going up and up, it would probably be best to share a Netflix account with your Roomie. Even better than that is getting you and your roommate to use your parents accounts for free, because let’s be honest, your parents don’t use it that much and they love you anyways.

6. Amazon Prime Account

Amazon is probably one of the most commonly known companies in America today. Between books, decorations for your dorm, Prime TV, Prime Music, and that random thing you don’t really need but want to buy, they have you covered. This might be a situation similar to the Fridge and TV. Perhaps suggest that your roommate pays for the Netflix account and you’ll pay for the Amazon Prime account or something along those lines. In fact, Amazon even offers a discount for students!

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