Pennsylvania State University

Finding a roommate at Penn State has never been easier! There are hundreds of people actively looking for a roommate at Penn State. Below are some of the people looking for a roommate at PSU. Download Roomie for iOS to find the perfect roommate.

People At Penn State

Penn State - Bailey


Hey! I’m from raleigh, NC looking for a roommate in the fall! I’m in aerospace engineer and looking into living in e-house. Also love to play volleyball and wakeboard! Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Penn State - Dani


Hey everyone!! I will be attending Penn State UP in the fall, majoring in criminology. I love to party, but i’m also focused on schoolwork. I’m definitely rushing in the spring and I plan on being involved…

Penn State - Heather


Hi! I’m Heather I’m from Denver, CO! I’m looking for a roommate for fall at University Park whos super chill and outgoing! I want to make the most of my college experience (rush, go out, manage school, THON…

Penn State - Jessica


Hey I’m Jess :)I’m from Pitman, NJ which is about 20 minutes from Philly. I just committed to PSU and I’m majoring in biochemistry/molecular bio. I love music, concerts, parties, and honestly just kicking back…

Penn State - Johanne


Hey! My name is Johanne and I’m from Oslo, Norway. I’m a 100% committed to IU, so I thought I would start reaching out to potential roommates and new friends. I’m majoring in business. I also would prefer to live…

Penn State - Madison


hi! I’m going to be attending Penn State main campus for Fall 2019 with an intended major in veterinary/bio med science! I can’t wait for football season and to meet new people. Message me if you’re looking for…

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