Who You Should Room With At College

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Whether you’re a Freshman or a Super Senior, reading roommate horror stories online is absolutely terrifying and might leave you more worried than you thought you could be about living with a new roommate. Fear no more! We have compiled the perfect list of who you should room with in college!

1. Someone You Are Already Friends With

Finding someone you know to bunk up with in the dorms is by far one of the best ways to make your college experience enjoyable. Whether it’s someone you had class with in High School or someone that you bonded with at that party down by the lake last year, it’s sure to be better than some stranger on the internet.

2. Someone In Your Fraternity/Sorrority

Let’s be honest, if you’re in a Frat or a Sorority you have become close with everyone else that’s in it with you. You spend the weekends together, you do community service projects together. In some cases you maybe even all got drunk together last Thursday night! Someone that embraces the greek life as hard as you do could possibly be the best roommate you could pick. Just make sure it isn’t your significant other’s ex or something awkward like that.

3. Someone You Met During Orientation Week

If you have already gone through orientation week, you know that you meet some of the people that will become your friends for the rest of your time at college, or maybe even the rest of your life. At least one of them might be the perfect person to make your roomie, at least for a semester. Obviously you may want to make sure that you both follow the same sleep schedule and binge the same shows on Netflix first.

4. Someone On Roomie

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