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Using Roomie to find your new roommate at your university only takes a couple taps and a swipe!

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Creating a Roomie account is easy! After downloading the app, sign in the Facebook and answer a couple questions.


Finding your roommate on Roomie is as easy as tapping dislike or like. You can even discover people with similar interests.


Chatting is by far the easiest way to get to know someone. You can also chat in the university group chat

About Roomie

Looking for a roommate can be time-consuming, and bunking with the wrong roommate can be stressful. After hearing so many horror stories from other people and a little bit of hard work, Roomie was born! We thought that there has to be an easy, free way for everyone to find the perfect roommate, or better yet, their very best friend. We have pledged to keep our core features absolutely free forever and never force people to pay money to see or chat with their matches.

Roomie is the easiest way to find the perfect roommate at your university and it is completely free! Download Roomie for iPhone and Android to find the perfect college roommate & best friend!

University Group Chat

University Group Chat is now available in Roomie! Instantly start chatting with everyone at your university under the messages tab. Each university you are apart of is broken down into a different conversation. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to be bothered by constant notifications you can disable them for group chats by tapping the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner.


Roomie+ allows you to upgrade your roommate finding experience. Access unlimited instant chats, undos, and boosts! Upgrade your account with a one time purchase in the app by going to My Profile -> Settings -> Roomie+


Discover people that have similar interests, as well as those that have liked you and that you have liked all by going to the Discover tab. From there you can tap on a profile and send them a message, either by watching an ad, paying for an instant chat, or upgrading to Roomie+

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Love It!

Love It!

Got this app a while ago and was kinda skeptical but this is a great legit way to meet a roommate! You message with people and get to know each other, I’ve met a lot of people going to my school. I even met my roommate through it! Super great app!



I found my new best friend and roommate through this app, and have met so many new people! Thanks so much Roomie!!



Definitely have to say, it’s really great for finding a roommate, super easy to navigate and set up as well. With the new updates, everything is running smoother, and getting in touch with people/finding people is pretty awesome. Great app


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